Step 1

In order to become a full client of FinTrade Investment, you need to go through a registration procedure, which will require minimum information and time from you. The company does not require the passage of identification of your identity or the provision of any documents. Our investment service is absolutely anonymous, we respect your privacy and do not demand to give it up. When registering, you only need to choose a login and set a strong password. This will protect your account from unauthorized entry. When registering, enter your Bitcoin address, which you want to use in the future to create a deposit and withdraw the profit, as well as email for further interaction with the company.

Step 2

After registration you can create your first deposit. To do this, go to your account in the Make Deposit section. You just need to determine the amount of the deposit, based on which the profit will be credited daily. Read the terms of the proposed investment strategy and make a deposit of at least 50 USD. You must send the indicated amount from your Bitcoin wallet. The deposit will be credited and will start working after 3 confirmations of the cryptocurrency network.

Step 3

The FinTrade Investment team operates from Monday to Sunday. In accordance with the investment proposal of the company, the profit is accrued daily from the time you made a deposit (the exact time of accrual is available in the section with the list of your deposits. You can not increase the existing deposit, however you can make several deposits, each of which will make profit on its own schedule and in accordance with the chosen plan. The withdrawal of the profit becomes available as soon as your account balance is 20 USD. To receive payment, you just need to make a relevant request in your personal account. We will process it instantly and send the ordered amount to your Bitcoin address.

Step 4

In addition to profitable investment, you have the opportunity to receive additional income in the form of a referral commission. After registering your account, find a referral link and and give it out to you friends. You can use these tools on various sites, forums and blogs. When someone clicks your link for registration, this person automatically becomes your referral. Once your referral makes a deposit, you receive a reward of 10% of its size. The withdrawal of the referral commission is possible immediately after the accrual.